Nature's Best Kept Secret

Ever wondered why walking barefoot on a beach or in a grassy park feels so good? It's more than just the feeling under your feet, you're connecting with a strong, natural way of healing.

This is known as 'Earthing', an old practice that has modern-day benefits for our health.

Whether you're new to this concept or you already know a bit about it and want to learn more, come along on this journey with us. We'll dive into the science and importance of Earthing.

Curious? Let's uncover this secret together!

What is Earthing / Grounding?

Earthing, also known as Grounding, is like taking a 'vitamin' straight from the Earth's natural energy, just as sunlight gives us Vitamin D. The ground we walk on is full of helpful negative electrons that work like strong antioxidants, bringing us great health benefits.

Our ancestors had a close bond with the Earth. They walked without shoes, slept on the ground, and farmed the land with their bare hands. This kept them in touch with the Earth's gentle energy, which helped their overall health.

Fast forward to today: things like rubber-soled shoes, raised beds, tall buildings, and our mostly indoor lifestyle have disrupted this vital connection, leading to many health problems. Also, materials like plastic, synthetic fabrics, and asphalt in our surroundings keep us from being naturally connected to the Earth.

This is a problem because our bodies, which work on electricity, gather a harmful positive charge over time. The Earth, though, always has a negative electrical charge on its surface.

When we touch the Earth's surface, like walking barefoot on grass, swimming in a natural lake, or using special grounding products, we soak up these negative electrons. This balances the charge in our body.

By grounding ourselves, especially during sleep or work, we can improve our health and wellness. This includes reducing swelling, improving sleep quality, increasing energy, easing stress, supporting heart health, and strengthening our body's natural ability to heal.

The Evidence

For the first time in human history, we're learning about the powerful healing energy of our own planet. A growing amount of scientific research is slowly but surely revealing why earthing can have so many benefits and greatly improve our health.

The studies highlighted below offer a quick look into this interesting world of earthing research.

The four studies we just mentioned are only a small part of the many research projects happening in this field. Actually, over 30 studies have already been published, each one giving us new understanding about the healing power of grounding.

If you're interested in learning more about this exciting field, you can explore a full, current collection of scientific studies on grounding by clicking on the link below.
As new studies are published and our understanding of grounding expands, this resource will continue to be updated with the latest research findings.

Backed By Science: How Earthing Affects Your Health

Grounding, or connecting with the Earth, is all about the exchange of energy - specifically, electrons - between the Earth and our bodies. But how does this work, and why is it good for us? To understand this, we have to learn a bit about biophysics and physiology.

Our bodies are like electrical systems. Our hearts and brains work thanks to internal electrical signals. Our nerves send these signals all around our bodies. Basically, everything we do involves a series of electrical signals.

The Earth is like a big pool of negatively charged electrons. These electrons are pulled to the surface by the electrical discharges in the sky, like lightning. Because of this, the Earth's surface has a negative charge - this is a measurable electrical potential that can have significant effects on our bodies.

When we touch the Earth directly, our bodies take in energy from the Earth. This helps balance the electrical potential between our bodies and the Earth which provides many benefits to our health and wellbeing

The Earth's surface energy is one of the strongest, natural antioxidants we know. It can balance out the free radicals in our bodies, which are molecules that can harm cells and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer.

However, as we've started to separate ourselves from the Earth, we've lost this important connection. Through grounding, we can restore this lost connection and help our bodies reach a natural balance.

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The Life-Enhancing Benefits of Grounding

Reduced Chronic Inflammation

Grounding helps neutralize excess positive charges that contribute to chronic inflammation, a root cause of many non-communicable diseases. Regular grounding can contribute to a significant reduction in inflammation, thereby supporting overall health and well-being.

Pain Relief

Grounding can help alleviate chronic pain. This is believed to happen as the influx of free electrons from the earth can neutralize excessive positive charge that contributes to inflammation, a root cause of pain in many conditions. This process can result in significant relief from chronic pain.

Improved Sleep

The practice of grounding can lead to more restful sleep. The body's circadian rhythms – the natural cycles that regulate sleep – can be thrown off by factors such as stress and artificial light. Grounding helps to regulate these rhythms and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to deeper, more restful sleep.

Increased Energy

Feeling tired all the time? Grounding helps to move oxygen and nutrients around your body, refreshing your cells and giving you an energy boost. It's like having a natural cup of coffee, without feeling jittery afterwards.

Strengthened Immunity

Boosting your immune system is one of the great benefits of grounding. Our mat connects you to the Earth's free electrons. Think of these like nature's antioxidants. They fight off harmful free radicals in your body, helping your immune system stay strong and healthy.

Reduced EMF Exposure

Grounding can protect the body against the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). When we're grounded, the body's electrical potential becomes equal with the Earth's, which neutralizes the unwanted electrical charge we carry due to EMF exposure.

Stress Reduction

Stress can affect your body and mind in negative ways. Grounding has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, helping you to relax and manage stress better.

Improved Circulation

Having good blood flow is key to overall health. When you use our grounding mat, you're connecting with the Earth's energy. This helps your blood flow more smoothly, reducing any clumping of red blood cells and promoting better delivery of oxygen to your tissues.

Faster Recovery

Grounding can speed up the body's recovery process. By neutralizing inflammation and supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms, grounding can enhance recovery from injuries, surgical procedures, and strenuous activities.

Anti-Aging Effects

Aging is sped up by something called oxidative stress, which is just damage to your cells. But, the Earth's electrons that you get from grounding help to stop these harmful effects, promoting healthier, more vibrant skin and slowing down signs of aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I earth/ground for?

You can ground for as long as you want. The more the better. Most of our lives are spent disconnected from the Earth, so reestablishing that connection can be incredibly beneficial.

How do earthing products work?

Our earthing products, like sheets and mats, are made from a special conductive material that can carry electricity.

They come with a cord that you plug into a wall socket in your home. Don't worry, this plug is designed to connect only to the Earth part of your socket, and all buildings are required by law to have this kind of connection.

Because of this, our products can connect to the Earth's energy naturally, and help lower the harmful positive electrical charge in your body.

Besides helping you achieve a deeper more restful sleep, our grounding products can help lower stress, reduce pain and inflammation, speed up healing, and lots more.

How can I Earth while I'm outside?

There are many ways in which you can absorb the Earth's healing energy while outside. You can walk barefoot on grass, sand or dirt, swim in an ocean or lake and you can even touch a tree!