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Earthing Mat

Earthing Mat

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Experience Life Free From Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Transform your health naturally from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to expensive doctor's visits, harmful medications, and embrace a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.

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How An Earthing Mat Will Change Your Life

  • Reduced Chronic Pain & Inflammation

    Counter free radicals and ease swelling, providing relief from daily aches and pains.

  • Improved Sleep

    Fine-tune your body's rhythms for a deeper, more revitalising sleep.

  • Increased Energy

    Optimise oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells, boosting your overall energy and vitality.

  • Boosted Immunity

    Harness Earth's free electrons to strengthen your immune defenses against free radicals.

  • Reduced EMF Exposure

    Shield yourself from everyday EMFs, redirecting them away for enhanced wellbeing.

  • Stress Reduction

    Lower cortisol levels for a calmer mind, making it easier to relax and manage stress better.

  • Improved Circulation

    Enhance blood flow and oxygenate tissues by tapping into Earth's energy.

  • Faster Recovery

    Speed up healing and reduce inflammation by neutralizing free radicals.

  • Anti-Aging Effects

    Combat oxidative stress for healthier skin and a youthful appearance.

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BioPulse vs The Rest

BioPulse Earthing Mat
Other Earthing Mats
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Targets The Root Cause Of Inflammation
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See The Proof

Earthing mats might sound too good to be true, but we have science on our side. In the video below, we use a multimeter (a device that measures electrical charge) to show how our mat effortlessly reduces the body's voltage, creating a more balanced state.

What is Earthing?

Earthing, also known as Grounding, is the simple act of connecting your body to the Earth's natural, healing electrical energy. Like sunlight provides Vitamin D, the earth beneath our feet is saturated with negative electrons that neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Why You Need An Earthing Mat

Can you remember the last time you walked barefoot outside?

In today's world, we often spend our time away from nature's energy. We wake up in beds that aren't grounded, drive cars, work in tall buildings, and stay inside when we're not working. Even our shoes block the Earth's energy when we do go outside.

This is where our earthing mat can help. It's like an energy bridge that reconnects us to the Earth, no matter where we are or what we're doing.

It breaks down the barriers that keep us disconnected, letting us soak up the Earth's energy while we're at home or work. It's like having a secret line to nature's goodness, giving us a constant source of well-being, energy, and balance.

How Do Earthing Mats Work?

Do you know that every modern house built since the 1980s has a built-in way to connect to Earth's natural energy? There's a rod that grounds your home's electrical outlets, keeping you safe by getting rid of extra electricity.

Our earthing mat uses this setup in a smart way. When you plug the mat into any grounded outlet, it becomes a pathway for Earth's good energy.

So, whether you're working, chilling out, or sleeping, our mat brings Earth's healing energy straight to you. All you have to do is plug it in and step on - it's that easy.

If you're curious and want to dive deeper into the science behind grounding, you can explore numerous scientific studies that have been conducted on this subject. For an in-depth look, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I use the earthing mat for?

The earthing mat can be used for as long as you want. The more the better. Most of our lives are spent disconnected from the Earth, so reestablishing that connection can be incredibly beneficial.

Is there a risk of electrocution?

No, our earthing products can be used no matter if the outlet switch is turned on or off. This is because the top two pins of our plugs which are responsible for conducting electricity are plastic. Only the bottom pin is what connects our products to the inbuilt grounding system in your home.

Can I use the earthing mat while wearing socks?

Our earthing mat works best when it's touching your skin. But it can still work if you're wearing socks. We've done tests and found that thin socks made from materials like cotton, bamboo, flannelette, and wool work well with the mat.

Can I plug the earthing mat into a power strip?

Of course! Our earthing mat works exactly the same with power strips, double adapters, and extension cords as long as it is connected to the outlet via 3 pins. If you would like to test your earthing product or outlet you can do so with our testing equipment which can be found here.

How can I tell if the earthing Mat is working?

Though all Australian homes must be grounded by law, you can double-check this with a multimeter. This device shows your body voltage dropping as you touch our mat. Don't have a multimeter? Click here to learn more.

What's the best way to clean my earthing mat?

Keeping your earthing mat clean is a breeze. Just use a damp, soft cloth to wipe down the surface.

Can my pet use the earthing Mat?

Definitely. Our four-legged friends can benefit from grounding too. And yes, it's completely safe and beneficial for them.

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Size: 68cm x 25cm

Earthing cord length: 5m
Country Specific Adapter Plug Included

AU / NZ Adapter: Type I
USA / CA Adapter:
Type B
Type G
Type E


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